Freelance Copywriter

Adam Barr is a Freelance Copywriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

He helps brands make their message simple, clear, and more compelling.

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Featured Work.

At Michigan International Speedway, they race on Sunday. But the main event starts on Friday.



Brand Positioning

Elevator pitches. Brand narratives. Key messages. These elements are the hardest few sentences most organizations will ever have to write. So let’s boil down your thinking and build something you can own, share, and be proud of.


Tone of Voice

Do you know what you’re trying to say, but struggling with how to say it? Does your copy lack the punch and personality you feel it should? Whether you’re defining your tone of voice for the first time or in serious need of a refresh, I can help.


Campaigns & Headlines

I thrive on turning a problem into a strategy, a strategy into a big idea, and a big idea into memorable messaging. Just need a single headline or tagline that sums up everything you’re trying to say? That’s right in my wheelhouse.

Oh look, more services.

Websites | Video Scripts | Brochures | Speeches | TV Show Pitches | Annual Reports | Brand Experiences | Blog Posts | Pitch Decks | Letters | Etc.

Here comes the name drop.


So about me…

I’m Adam Barr, a Freelance Copywriter based in Michigan. I help brands engage their audience, sell more stuff, and get their story straight.

On occasion, I work on global campaigns and big-time product launches, but I’ll be honest and say most of my work is done in the day-to-day trenches of marketing communications, helping brands express their message consistently and directly on-brand.

Whatever you’re looking for copy-wise, I bet I can help.

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